11. 6. 2013


Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Lekce psaní na zadané téma
Učitelka: Iffaf Ling z Británie
Studenti: Gianni78, Vendy, Juan197020, Glaucous, Nimet,  (Evropa, Amerika)

Prvním úkolem bylo napsat příběh, který bude začínat jednou z následujících vět:

I'm in love!
I'll never speak to them again.
I've left my job.
We've split up.

Nevíte, kterou větu pro svůj příběh zvolit? Tak si přečtěte následující různé ukázky textů a sami rozhodněte, který je ten nej:

We've split up. This was the first sentence I heard when I was travelling on train from my  work. Because I was pretty curious, like everybody in this world, I decided to go to the toilet so that I saw the man. He was really handsome like a man from the magazine in my handbag. I felt sorry for him. Suddenly the train stopped and he get out. I could see him from my opened window. He was so lovely and gentleman. It´s a pity that I wasn´t single, I thought. Never mind. After a few second I couldn´t believe my own eyes. A woman with a lot of gifts was waiting at the train station. She seems t obe enormous happy. They kissed each other the first and then they went buy a big ice-cream. They were really in love. The train is delayed today more than five minute, I thought. After a few next second I could see next woman, she was crying and their ice-cream wasn´t taste like before. Unfortunately my train had to go just now.

I´ve left my job, im very surprised, If someone told me that I would end my career here , like it was end I couldn’t know that. I have worked practicaly a life, y started as a baser in 1995, and I dedicated all life trying to put my strongs efforts, my last position was food and beverage manager could you believe me ? I felt my workplace like my own house, and here I developed strong relationships, here I meet my actual wife, we lived togheter nices experiences richs in feelings.

I had fallen love before I graduated. We passed very nice time. She was really a nice person. When I was in love with her, I felt her everytime even in my breathe. But unfortunately, later we split up with each another. It was really sad for me. Once upon a time , I was walking on the 7 streeth with my friends . We heard some noice at the back of the library.

Další téma se týkalo života a životních změn: „How life goes on?“
getting divorced
having a baby
getting married

I zde si každý mohl vybrat dle svého gusta.

How life goes on?

„There a some steps and events in your life which could change your habits very drastically. They are various such as having a promotion, winning a lottery or having a baby or also getting married. Well I'd like to focus in the last one because I'm going to get married after a long time of relationship with my girlfriend and It could be interesting to share my impressions. I'd like to start with a word "fear".“

Nakonec jsme končili u oddechového tématu. „Tell us about your best friend“

When I went to school I had a lot of friends, but time by time I lost them, because they moved, they changed or their life is completely different from my. So I have to say that my only best friends is my husband. I met him when I was 19 and we are together for five years now. I can not believe my life without him. He is really realiable and hard-worked. He loves people but he is so assertive. And he wants why he lives in this world. His goals are so clearly. And I love his practical skills. He is exactly my contrary.  = opposite

Dnešní lekce psaní se mi moc líbila, jako obvykle a jsem moc ráda, že jsem ji navštívila.


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