1. 6. 2013

A holiday talk

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab

Conversation lesson: Holiday stories
Students: Stephi Kroll, Michael, Nurzan Thistle, Katrin
Teacher: Coco Knowledge

This lesson we all met on the beach and went surfing for a bit. After the surfing we just sat down and talked about holidays. Stephi told us what she is going to do this weekend. She is a photographer and is having a photo shoot of a wedding this weekend. She also talked about her best holidays and that was in the USA. She saw the Yellowstone Park and drove on the route 66. She said that it was the best holiday ever.
Katrin talked about her worst experience when she went on holiday and her child got sick from drinking water. Unfortunately she spent the whole week in the hospital with her child and didn’t do anything else. My best holidays were in Cambodia where I saw Angkor Vat and went to the jungle.

A nice relaxing lesson. It was very pleasant just to sit and talk. 

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