1. 6. 2013

Experiences with eating in the restaurant

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson: Experience with eating in the restaurant
Students: Stephi Kroll, Megi00 Ashland (Europe)
Teacher: Coco Knowledge (UK)
We talked about experiences we had with eating in a restaurant. Stephi talked about an experience she had in a restaurant in Corsica.
She ordered a crab. The weight of the live crab was 1.5kg but when they served the cooked crab it weighted just 100 grams. Stephi paid a lot of money for this dinner but left hungry. She said that it was a good and a bad experience in one.
I talked about an experience I had in one restaurant in the Czech Republic. I went to a steak house. The restaurant was quite full and we had to wait slightly longer than usual. The staff of the restaurant was great. They apologized and gave us a free bottle of wine. This was great! My bad experience was with a restaurant where they served me pancakes which were obviously from the day before. I returned the pancakes and didn’t pay for it.
In the latter part of the lesson we did a role play. Firstly we wrote our own menus. Here is an example.
Welcome to The Fatty Cow

Todays Specials:

1. toast with salmon
2. rostbeef
3. egg omelet

Main course:
1. steak with green pepper
2. sirloin of beef
3. pastes with salmon

1. apple roll
2. ice cream
3. pancake with fruit and with vanilla ice cream

1. red or white wine
2. cofee
3. orange juice

I was a waitress and Stephi was a customer.
Ask for a table
Order drinks first
Then order your starters
Then your main course
Then your dessert
Complain about things you don't like

Show customer to the table
Give them the menu
Ask customer what they would like to drink
Then ask what they want for their starter.
Then ask what they want for their main course.
Then ask what they want for their dessert.

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