1. 6. 2013

The Oklahoma Tornado

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Conversation lesson: The Oklahoma tornado – current event
Students: Muhamed, Gurghkans. Tahir, Omer (Asia, Europe)
Teacher: Kori Blaisdale (UK)
We talked about the terrible tornado in Oklahoma. Even though people in America are used to tornados, this took them by surprise. It was huge; it apparently had one mile in diameter and was really strong.
So if there was a tornado what would you do…..?
Would you stay in the house or would you rather go out?
Where would you hide before the tornado in the house?
Omer wanted to hide in the fireplace….not too sure about that. I don’t have a fireplace.
Kori told us about an emergency bag she has to keep by the door because of a volcano they have on the island where she lives now.
What belongs in such an emergency bag?  We went into pairs and discussed that.
 [13:43] KoriBlaisdale: Remember it should be light enough to carry!!
 [13:44] Joel: flashlight , bandages , oxiginada water , aspirin , alcohol, gauze
 [13:45] TAHIR GUNGOR: cigarettes
 [13:46] Megi00 Ashland: ibuprofen
[13:48] Megi00 Ashland: batteries
[13:48] Megi00 Ashland: energy bars
 [13:48] KoriBlaisdale: Yes I agree with energy bars
When there is an alarm people just grab the bag (to take the bag quickly) and leave.
You should probably have some clothes in the bag as well. When there is a disaster there should be some people who would be in charge such as;
[13:53] KoriBlaisdale: Team leader
[13:53] KoriBlaisdale: Medic
[13:53] KoriBlaisdale: Defence
[13:54] KoriBlaisdale: communcations

We discussed who can do what.
[13:56] KoriBlaisdale: Team leader, medic, defence, orientation, communications who can do each job?
[13:59] KoriBlaisdale: Mohamed - team leader, Meggi Team leader, defence, gurkens, orientation Ydls/omer.communication Joel. And Tahir is in charge of praying!!
It was a nice lesson and an entertaining one. However I’m glad we don’t get any tornados.

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