21. 5. 2013

A perfect day

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson:  A perfect day
Students: Yigi Spot, Nese, Cansuu, FatihHighwater, Sercan Oodles, Carls Highwater, Melih, Zeynep Coy, Lazkopat (Europe, Asia)
Teacher: KoriBlaisdale (UK)

What would be the perfect day? It is different for everyone. We listened to a song called A perfect day. It’s a beautiful song from Lou Reed. This version was sung by various artists, most probably for a charity. Here is a link:
They are talking about the simple things in life making a perfect day – here are the lyrics;
What is the meaning of this song?
[12:25] Sercan Oodles: briefly he spends time with his girlfriend for that reason that is perfect day
We went through the lyrics of this song.
[12:28] KoriBlaisdale: You keep me hanging on – what does it mean?
Yigit was really funny.
 [12:28] Yigit49025 Spot: hang over
[12:28] Yigit49025 Spot: :D
[12:28] Yigit49025 Spot: justing joking :)
Of course that is not the right meaning. It actually means - You keep me positive and you keep me in a good way
The other meaning of hang on…..is wait a minute.
 [12:30] KoriBlaisdale: you reap (to collect or harvest) what you sow (to put seeds into the soil)
The lyrics mean if you are kind to people, they will be kind to you too….
Later in the lesson we were put into private calls and talked about out perfect day. Kori gave us a notecard to help us.

What is your perfect day?

Describe your personal perfect day and say why it's perfect for you.

Think about:
Work, rest and play
The previous/following day
To be honest we had so much fun discovering what people like to do on their perfect day….)))))

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