29. 5. 2013

Left or right?

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Učitelka: Iffaf Ling z Británie
Studenti: Kemalcan, Omer, Vendy, Tweety, Mikki, Glaucous, Juan197020, Renee88, Nader (Evropa, Amerika)
Vždy než jdu na lekci psaní s Iffaf, přemýšlím, jaké bude asi téma. Tak dnešní téma znělo. „Left and right, in politics“

Jednotlivé podotázky se týkaly následujících jevů:
Are you a left-wing politician?
or are you a right-winger?
Left-wing: society
power to the people
high taxes

Přestože politika není moje hobby, dalo se celkem dobře psát o tomto tématu:
„A lot of people often think of this question, left or right? The answer can not be easy, as usual. Everyone prefer something else and everyone has a different life so I understand that people can not agree on that. Acording to me is good to prefer when policy give a lot of chance for students, family, development of economy and encourage people who works. Every state should want to have a lot of people with education but unfortunately my country has a different opinion. I believe that the first think for development of country is family, children. Sadly, state, where I live has the own opinion on this situation and what´s more? The goverment do not encourage neither economy or people who works. It´s unbelieve. I hope that they will change their mind one day.“

„Essentially I am left-wing person. I support ideas of governmental interference in economy in order to help people in need and restrict voracious fat cats. I think that government should provide fairly good education and health service to all people. I definitely support intellectual, religious and other freedoms and above all – the freedom of speech. However I think that too much state is also a very bad thing and can result left dictatorship.“
„I am advocate of right. I always support the right parties and vote them because there are four main policies that I like. First, they don't seperate the society into two groups ( richness and poorness ) everybody has the same rights.“

Druhým úkolem bylo psát o rovných příležitostech: „equal opportunities“
A jak zněla otázka: „An equal opportunity policy for your company“
Týkalo se následujících oblastí:
sexual orientation

„When I am at the window of my house I can see that people in the street are so much different. One of them is big, the second is short, next is thin and other i stoo fat, but everyone of them has the own life and the own close friend. On the whole we are the same. But this topic can be a really huge problem in my country or in the world. Why people can not be tolerant to each other? I know everybody has a different opinion and different style of life, but it is not problem. I think, that the beautiful of life is just in that. I would like to know some new people who has a new ideas dreams or culture tradion. It is exciting for me!“

„Everybody has the rights. Everybody can do whatever they want even if you don't touch someone else's lives. Anybody cannot decide someone else's religion, race. In addition, Our life, our religion are our choices and it is only our concerns. Alsoi abilities or disabilities should be supported all around the world and they should not be topic of humorousness. " Peace in the country, peace in the world!“
Tak tento článek nazvala Iffaf jako typické klišé = cliche

„Gender equality, is also known as sex equality or sexual equality.Gender equality is first and foremost, a human right.Gender equality does not imply that women and men are the same, but that they have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment.“

Vždy na závěr hodiny vyučující nezapomene připomenout, že si veškeré texty máme zkopírovat a poté přečíst, protože jsou velmi zajímavé. Navzájem jsme si poděkovali a úspěšně se z lekce odhlásili. Děkuji lektorce za skvěle organizovanou hodinu.


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