14. 5. 2013

Moon Landing

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson: Moon landing
Students: Sergey, Maria Lyric, Destiny Kroll, Lexy Figuera, Kono Svatur (Europe, Asia)
Teacher: Kori Blaisdale (UK)
Landing on the Moon - was it a hoax (fake) or did it really happen?
Kori thinks it was real as you can see from her comment.
[23:18] Kori Blaisdale: I've never questioned it
But there are many people who think it was a conspiracy theory.
[23:11] Kori Blaisdale: What is the popular moon landing conspiracy theory (a secret plan made by powerful people)?
Maybe the government is trying to trick (to deceive someone, usually it’s a part of a plan) us.
It could have been a part of The Space Race.
[23:21] Sergey: Russians have never been on the moon – is that true?
[23:21] Kori Blaisdale: What was the advantage of faking the moon landing?
Well to win The Space Race. This happen in 60ties…..The time of the cold war…
Maybe to gain an access to resources on the moon
[23:25] Sergey: it is very expensive to obtain resources on the moon

We watched this video. The two guys call themselves Mythbusters
Here are some words used in the video
Myth – means a legend
Bust – to break
topography - the land
a miniature – a very small copy of an object or in this case  the moon

I guess this explains one aspect (a part of something) of the conspiracy theory….
For more on moon landing and practice your English visit the link below.

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