14. 5. 2013

Will or going to in conversation

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Grammar lesson: Will and Going to
Students: Destiny Kroll, Stephi Kroll, Mussay Coy, Eekay Deluxe, Ahmetcan Spot, Stephi Kroll, MBKK Spot,
Teachers: Kori Blaisdale
How to use the grammar in conversation? It can be quite difficult to try to concentrate on speaking and using the correct grammar at the same time.
What is the difference between using WILL and GOING TO
Will - promise - talking without thinking before
Going toplan a long time or a short time
Tomorrow I plan to walk up a volcano – Tomorrow I am going to walk up a volcano
I promised my friend to meet her at 6:30am!!  I will meet her at 6:30am
I'm going to meet my friend at 6:30 we are going to walk up a volcano – that’s a plan
But it is now 6:30am and it is raining
So we must change our plans
We will read a book
Another example:
Your friend is going to come to your country to visit.
What can your friend do?
Think of 4 activities.
We are going to see a castle
                          ride a bike
                         eat in a restaurant (typical food)
                         hike in the mountains
Here is an example of how to use while speaking    
1st - You said we are going to visit the lagoon – that’s a plan
[01:33] Kori Blaisdale: BUT
[01:33] Kori Blaisdale: I'm afraid of water!!
[01:33] Kori Blaisdale: So 2nd you said - ok we WILL go to Starbucks – a decision made without thinking about it before - Change of a plan use will
[01:33] Kori Blaisdale: and I said YAY!
 [01:34] Kori Blaisdale: So 3rd you confirmed that we changed our plans and we are GOING TO Starbucks – that’s our plan now
Here is a website with English Grammar.

I will remember this. I promise. I’m going to use it correctly in the future – that’s a plan!

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