21. 5. 2013

Lucky numbers

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson: Lucky numbers and charms
Students: Aisha, Queen Lyric, Batuhan Deluxe, Jerry Cuteness, Ozlem Spot, Sercan Oodles, Atacan Lyric, Furkan (Asia, Europe, South America and Central America)
Teacher: Izabel Kophee
What’s your lucky number? My lucky number is 7. Usually people have a personal reason to have a lucky number such as birthdays or a favourite football player’s number. Are you superstitious (that means that you believe in something that is not based on scientific knowledge)?
Some people believe that number 4 have special powers and that gives people directions and stability in their life.
Ferkaan likes numbers is 6 because of Sesame Street here is a link to a song from Sesame Street and also number 11 but he hasn’t got any particular reason.
Izzy gave us a link to a website where we could get an instant lucky number.
We just had to enter our name and birthdate. Then, select “Instant Lucky Numbers” and “Lucky Date.”
Then we answered these questions below.
1. What is your lucky number?
Even on this website my lucky number was  7 …))))
And these are results the other people got….
[12:28] Furkan: Do you know that every minute, number is changed :D
[12:29] Furkan: at 22:27 it given 6
[12:29] Sercan Oodles: sites told me that 8946 :)
[12:29] Furkan: at 22:28 it given 8
[12:29] Furkan: and now it given 9 :D

2. Does this number remind you of anything?
Other students mentioned their birthday or some other occasions that were important for them. Some of the numbers were meaningless.
3. What is your lucky date?
As you can see the website was giving various dates. It was  just like a lottery.
[12:45] Izabel Kophee: May 2013
[12:45] ???: 5 May 2013
[12:48] Eren A.: 23 May 2013
If a number or something that happens is serendipitous – that means an unexpected good luck or surprise.  I like this word.
We were also talking about days that mean something.
 [12:54] Eren A.: Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day  - this is in Turkey I think
I personally like weekends. This lesson was fun we talked a lot and played with the website. 

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