21. 5. 2013

The Beach

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson: How to change your outfit
Students: Santi Spot, Dulce Lastchance, Hanna Lastchance, Alanis Deluxe, Ferny Ashland, Destiny Kroll, Annel, Stephi Victorin, Sarah, Katrin, Mirzhana Deluxe (Europe, Asia, South and Central America)
Teacher: Coco Knowledge (UK)
This was a very playful lesson. This lesson was on the beach. So we changed our outfits and went surfing. Being an avatar in the English City doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same clothes all the time. There are stores as in any other city where you can go and buy clothes. The big advantage is that it’s for free! Also the shops in English City do not close. And you can shop till you drop (that means you can shop and shop and shop……and shop some more….)  - well as long as there isn’t a class)
You just need to follow few rules, so you don’t end up without a head, hair, feet etc. )))
Here is some advice:
You buy and wear clothing just like you did the skin and shape and hair.
When you buy SHOES - you must WEAR EVERYTHING inside the folder to make the shoe fit your foot.
SAVE their outfit. 
Right click your body - click 'Edit my Outfit"
To the RIGHT of the save button is an arrow pointing up.  Click this arrow.
Click SAVE AS.
Name the outfit something you will remember.
We changed our outfits. Some people went scuba diving, some surfing and some just played beach volleyball.

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