21. 5. 2013


Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Grammar Lesson: Prepositions
Students: Stephi Kroll, Ram Deluxe, Joel, Utku Hurricane, Lyra Hurricane, Marly Kroll, Ozlem Spot, Lyra Ashland (Europe, Asia, Central America)
Teacher: Elaine Bergan (USA)
This lesson was great we practised prepositions. Elaine gave us a notecard with various prepositions. Elaine made clear the meaning of some of prepositions.
Into -  includes the actions of moving inside
In -  its already inside
Off - The ball was ON the box. Then it jumped OFF.
out of-The ball was IN the box. Then it jumped OUT of the box.
Then we looked at pictures of a bat, kangaroos. We made sentences about pictures using various prepositions.
For example:
Bats cannot see during the day
The bat is inside the blanket.
The baby kangaroo is behind its mother kangaroo..
Kangaroos are on the beach….
In the second part of the lesson we needed to prepare 3 sentences each about pictures with chickens, baby crocodiles and baby turtle.
An interesting preposition is THROUGH - from one end or side of something to the other
A baby turtle swims through the water.
Stephi has just walked through the door.
Chickens run through the field.
This lesson was a good practise of how to use the prepositions.

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