21. 5. 2013

Grammar quiz

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Grammar lesson: A quiz
Students: Destiny Kroll, Andriy Ashland, Toma, Katrin Deluxe, Gabbys Thistle, Brenda Coy, Luis Siqueir (Europe, Asia,)
Teacher: Elaine Bergan (USA)
Elaine divided us into two teams and we played a game. It was a grammar quiz.  The first part concentrated on two prepositions SINCE and FOR. They can get quite confusing. We had four minutes to study the grammar, either on the internet or from a book. Then we started. Elaine wrote a word into the chat box and someone from the team responded with the right preposition. It didn’t matter who. But only the first answer counted whether or not was correct. If we answered correctly we received a point. Here is an example.
Since and for
[21:19] Elaine Bergan: January
[21:19] Megi00 Ashland: since
 [21:19] Luis Siqueir: since
 [21:19] Elaine Bergan: the beginning of the year
[21:19] Andriy Ashland: since
 [21:19] Katrin07 Deluxe: since
The first round was a draw. That means that both teams had the same number of points.
[21:24] Elaine Bergan: 6-6
Next round we needed to choose the right verb see, look, watch.
 [21:30] Elaine Bergan: Cats can ___ in the dark.
[21:30] Andriy Ashland: see
[21:31] Elaine Bergan: "I have to go. ___ you later!
[21:31] ???: see
[21:31] Toma: see
The last round we played was different. Anyone could answer. However the points went to the team from which was the person who answered from.
And experts say it is possible that the situation could __________areas in South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.
[21:45] Andriy Ashland: affects
 [21:45] ???: The noise of the audience didn’t __________ the athlete.
[21:45] Andriy Ashland: effect
 [21:46] Destiny88 Kroll: affect
 [21:46] ???: Our teacher says this quiz will have no ______ on our final grade.
[21:46] Andriy Ashland: effect
Our team won. Huraaah. I am competitive therefore I loved the quiz.

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