21. 5. 2013


Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson: A day in my life
Students: Dulce  Lastchance, Bulent, Gulent Lyric, Hanna Lastchance, Giselaa, Cherry Coy, Ananerak (Europe, Asia, Central America)
Teacher: Lowri Mills (USA)
Do you agree with animal testing? That was the first question Lowri asked. At the beginning of the lesson we were supposed stand in a circle according to our opinions on animal testing. I personally disagree with animal testing, but I also believe that in very rare cases there could be a reason to do some tests on animals. I strongly disagree with any unnecessary animal testing.

So we were divided into two groups. People who agreed with animal testing became owners and secretaries in a company that did tests on animals. The others joined PETA group (this group concentrates on the protection of animals they call themselves PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS)

As protesters, we had banners against animal testing and PETA t-shirts. We came to the company and demanded to talk to the manager about animal testing. The secretary didn’t let us to talk to anybody. She even wanted to call the police. Fortunately our group, well Lowri, had discovered the door and we were able to get inside. We managed to get to the restricted area and found what we dreaded the most. They were testing on animals!
There were few animals still alive; a dog, a rabbit and a monkey. We managed to save them Unfortunately Giselaa, the manager of this company, didn’t want us to leave unharmed. Because of something in the air we all lost our voice and hearing.
Fortunately it came back after some time! Animals were freed and the evil manager arrested. It was an adventurous class, we had lots of fun. But I think that some students had some difficulty to understand and to respond. It may have been slightly above their level.

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