14. 5. 2013

Your favourite TV show

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
Conversation lesson: Your favourite TV show.
Students: Yanely Thistle, Maria Lyric, Ceasar 1993 Coy, Ana 212 Highwater, Fefo Hurricane (Central America, Europe)
Teacher: Coco Knowledge (USA)

In this lesson we talked about our favourite TV shows and films. We were sitting and relaxing in a great location - the beach.
Maria talked about a film called Braveheart and another film which is called Meet Joe Black. I have never seen Braveheart. However the other film is great. I actually have seen it twice. Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt are the main characters. I would recommend this film.
Amongst Maria’s favourite programmes on TV are also shows called Pop Idol. It’s a show where an audience and a panel of famous singers choose the POP IDOL of the year out of ordinary public. The chosen people sing various songs.  I am sure that it’s an international show now and you most probably know what it is about. I don’t watch this. I am not a fan of such shows at all.
Abeer loves a film called  Blue Seduction.
[23:33] fernanda166 Coy: my favorite tv show is two and a half man  I think that everyone’s heard or seen at least one part of this series. It’s quite funny
[23:41] Fernanda15 Lyric: Notebook – it is a film and a very romantic one. The TV show Fernanda15 likes is called America’s next top model
Fefo Huricane prefers completely different films – Scary movie 5. It’s a film that mocks (copies something in funny way) horrors and make them look more like a comedy.

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