6. 5. 2013

Romeo and Juliet mystery

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab

Conversation lesson: Romeo and Juliet mystery
Students: Khaled, Megi, Ewa Highwater, Anatoly, Ozlem Spot, Violeth Kroll,(Europe, Asia, South America)
Teacher: Kori Blaisdale (UK)

This lesson was supposed to be about ballerina’s shoes and something else. But due to some works on the language lab system this wasn’t possible. So Kori decided to have a lesson on Shakespeare. It was great. We had a lot of fun.
It was called:
[10:08] Kori Blaisdale: Romeo and Juliet mystery :)
Firstly we went through the story of Romeo and Juliet just to remind us what is it about. It’s about two families who dislike each other very much. We could say there are enemies. But then something unspeakable happens. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet fell in love. And as everyone knows they die in the end in a cruel twist of fate (some change that isn’t expected in sequence of events).
Now our game.  
In our game Romeo and Juliet kept missing each other. Romeo decided to leave clues (to give some information that helps to find the right answer) for Juliet. We, as one team were supposed to find out were Romeo went. The first clue took us to the Garden of Fun. There we received this:
 [10:35] Kori Blaisdale: Clue 2:
Juliet, Juliet, I love you with all my heart
But I when I see you I fear I may fart!
I need a cure, that’s for sure
Because despite my body, my heart is pure.
Where do you think this clue took us? The key words are – FART (to release a gas from your bottom….or break wind or to release gas)))) and CURE (to make someone healthy again)

Yes, you are right it took us to a pharmacy. To get some cure for that poor Romeo.
Clue 3: Juliet, I found this fairy who gave me this potion, take it and set your heart a flutter! I want to show you a grand gesture of my love, but to be honest with you I’m having problems. I thought I’d start with a makeover. Tina said she’d help.
Tina has a great shop with clothes. I bought a little top as well. Of course it wasn’t part of the lesson but I couldn’t resist.
Clue 4: Juliet I am suited and booted and looking sharp! But I still need advice and you know when you need help, there’s really only one place to go in English city.
Where do you go when you need help in EC? The Welcome Area. They are like Santa Claus there – miracles while you waiting.
Clue 5: Ok I’ve got the moves now. You’ll need to get them too to be with me. Can you strut your funky stuff? Can you trip the light fantastic? Can you swing? Can you jive? Can you shake a tail feather? Get what you need here and meet me where you can use it.
Anatoly as the right gentleman asked Titaone Hurricane (one of the advisers) to dance. Later she taught us all.

We had a ball!!! (to have an exciting time and lots of fun)
Clue 7: Juliet no one in here compares to you, I waited for you to light up this dark club with the light of your beauty but you never came. I was crushed, but I know there must have been a good reason. How about a romantic day out? Meet me where the sun shines, lighting up your radiant beauty and the river flows like your long and beautiful hair and we’ll share a sandwich and our hearts
That’s was a clue we were given in the Welcome Area. It told us where to go next. It was a club.
But then Romeo became a bit impatient because Juliet was always late for their dates.
Clue 8: Seriously?! Buy a watch! Are you never on time for anything woman?! I love you but even I’m running out of patience! But let’s not fight; let’s run away together in the only place our families can’t get us, in a place where reality doesn’t have to spoil a good romance. Think about our most famous scene that has been remembered throughout history and meet me there where I’ll be waiting with a proposal just for you, the queen of my heart
We end up in the English Village, a great choice to find the most romantic place. That’s exactly what we did…..
A great lesson. I found many interesting place in EC, where I haven’t been before. There were many new words in the clues.

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