6. 5. 2013

IELTS: Preparation

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab
IELTS: Preparation
Students: Abeer Lyric, Gianni Deluxe,Renee Lyric (Europe, Asia)
Teacher: Iffaf Ling (UK)

If I took the IELTS I would be prepared  well. A lesson that targets understanding of reading and speaking. This time we summarized these articles and made our own comments.
This was our first article. It was about a very brave man who helped to stop Hitler’s A-bomb. I cannot imagine that there were some times in the history where people did such heroic things. Although some say that heroism is the last thing people do when there isn’t any other way out of a hopeless situation….))))))
No, I do admire such people and most probably wouldn’t be able to do anything heroic myself.
The next article I read was about animals in Hollywood. The films make animals look too human and give them human characteristics. When I watch Hollywood films I don’t look for the true behaviour of animals. I welcome the stories about The Lion King or Skippy.  The films have been taking a different turn recently as it is mentioned in the article. They are made and filmed like documents but still they have the Hollywood twist; a little story or human characteristics. Why not it’s an entertainment.

These are my comments to these articles. I pasted the links, so you can read it as well. 

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