6. 5. 2013

Health above all

Lekce angličtiny ve virtuálním prostředí Languagelab

Speaking lesson – Health above all
Students: Hannah Huricane, Zein, Yigit, Jana Ashland,  Abeer Lyric,( Europe, Asia)
Teacher: Donatela Benoir(USA)
Do you suffer from any phobia? There are many phobias people can suffer from. It could be fear of heights, fear of enclosed place such as lifts, you could even be afraid of swallowing pills.
That is the case of Abeer’s sister. That poor thing suffers from migraines but unfortunately she is not able to swallow any pill. Her mother needs to smuggle (to hide) a crashed pill in her food.
Donatella suffers from multiple phobias. She mentioned a fear from enclosed places and fear of heights as well. She said that she cannot be in a lift with other people.
I am afraid of spiders and I faint when they take my blood.
Some people may say – ‘just put yourself together and get over your phobia!’ They usually think that people with phobias just pretending these problems.
Well, as Donatela said – ‘It’s easier said than done.’ It means that it looks easy when you say it but very difficult to do in reality.
Zein has a toothache. I think that’s one of the most annoying pains a person can have. Yigit was complaining about cold he’s having right now.
At the end of the lesson Donatella asked us what we thought of the lesson – here are some comments:
[11:54] Donatella Benoir: Did you enjoy this lesson?
 [11:55] Yigit49025 Spot: It was a really educational class
[11:55] Hanah Hurricane: i got a new topic that i am interested
[11:55] Miss lyric: interesting
[11:55] Megi00 Ashland: I  never knew people could have so many phobias at once
 [11:56] Yigit49025 Spot: I have learned a lot of things about fobias
 [11:56] Zein: Yes I heart too many useful things
[11:56] Andriy Ashland: helpful, i really have difficulties to describe different topics, and such classes help resolve the FOBIA of not to be understood

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